Video Game News Blog 10/22/20

Hello everyone! I actually have slightly good news today! Or at least news that I think is good. Marvel's Avengers the video game is apparently having some trouble keeping a concurrent player base. They have started having trouble in the online matchmaking process because the numbers of players is dwindling down to the low 1000s even as low as 600 and that's just on PC. Now that might not sound like good news to you but to me this is hilarious because this game was rife with horrible microtransaction schemes as well as being a very bland button mashing looter shooter with very little to do in the late game. Very reminiscent of Anthem. I think this is great because it will teach developers and publishers to not put out half baked games that they intend to fix later and also not to drown people in stupid monetization tactics. Not only are they having a hard time keeping people playing but instead of coming out with new content to keep people interested they are too busy with fixing their already buggy game to complete their DLC on time and are now pushing their first content pack back in order to keep up with all the problems with this poor excuse for a finished product has. Hopefully game companies will use this game as an example for what not to do with games going forward. 
In other news Stadia, you remember that? Yeah apparently, Google doesn't even remember it. In their newest iteration of their Chromecast, they forgot to add support to their Stadia system. Which is just down right hilarious and also very very Google. Come out with a crazy idea that sounds good at first but is implemented terribly and instead of righting their wrongs or trying to fix their problems they just ignore they issue until everyone just forgets about it. You remember Google lens right? Exactly.
In other slightly interesting news they have shown the first picture of the new Nathan Drake movie that has been tossed around to a total of seven different directors. It shows the VERY young looking Tom Holland on a destroyed looking pirate ship looking questioningly into nothingness. To be honest he looks like he can pull off Nathan Drake is they make the movie Uncharted: Straight Outta Highschool, because he looks WAY too young to be the protagonist of the highly revered Uncharted series. He's a great actor don't get me wrong but I have no idea where they are going with this but I'm not sure how I feel about him being so young, but I'm at least optimistic on how it will turn out. Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed! What's your favorite Video game movie? Goodnight everyone!

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