Video Game News Blog 10/20/20 *Was on Vacation*

Video Game news blog:
Hello everyone sorry I took so long. Anyway, not a lot of news has happened since I last checked anyway.
EA has been up to their old EA is up to their old tricks with the fact that the new FIFA 21 on the Switch is literally the exact same game with an updated roster and from their own words "no significant updates in gameplay or changes to the experience in any form" and even though they didn't update anything, they removed the previous games from the online store forcing anyone wanting to play their previous titles that are exactly the same as this new game, to have to pay full price instead of getting a discount.
Also 2K had decided they haven't gotten enough crap for their previous NBA game debacles and now after a month of the newest game has been out, they decided to add unskippable adds into their loading screens. Even to the point where it makes the load times artificially longer so the ad has time to play through fully. Which isn't surprising but still so crazy ridiculous that they expect to get away with putting ads in a full price 60$ game. Honestly I can't believe that people still buy these games with how often these gaming companies that make them take advantage of their players by doing scummy stuff like this. How people continue to support them after their constant abuses is beyond me, but hopefully as these constant reminders keep appearing, people might realize that these games are not worth the constant abuse. 
In other news Sony came out with a new update and it has absolutely wrecked their party system for chatting online. Personally I hated the way the party system worked on the PlayStation platform in the first place and to learn that they updated it to be even worse is just mind bogglingly stupid. They didn't even test this new system out beforehand, they just implemented it and it ruined a lot of in place systems. Some people couldn't see their friends lists, and others couldn't use chat entirely. The update made it more difficult to add people to party chats and linked voice chats to the text chat system. Meaning if you play with the same people every time then it might not effect you a lot but if you ever have different groups of people that you play with you will have to make party chats and groups for each group you play with and they cannot interact with each other. Which is great.
In good news, Cyberpunk 2077 comes out soon and I'm super hyped for that. I can't wait to customize my genitals. Also, Call of Duty Warzone came out with a new Halloween update which is actually pretty cool. (Though I'm sure it's like another 70 gigs of data I have to update and it's inevitably going to break something) So there's that. Hope things are going well with you guys! Thanks for reading!What's the next game you're excited for

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