Video Game News Blog 10/06/20

The Video game news market has been pretty slow all this week so far. The only major news that I have seen is that EA removed its advertisements in CHILDRENS MAGAZINES for their loot box gambling system. (Which I am not sure how they got away with that in the first place) Also CD Projekt Red even though they have been one of the most customer friendly video game company in YEARS has now gone back on their word about crunch. Making crunch mandatory for all of their employees as their games release date comes creeping up in the next few weeks. Sadly not many people will care because they are well known company for being nice and consumer friendly so of course it's ok for them to mess up sometimes, but if it isn't ok in some cases it shouldn't be ok in others either. They should just allow video game developers to unionize so this kind of blatant abuse of power from ANY company, not just ones we dislike (EA, Ubisoft), wouldn't be allowed at all.

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