Nintendo: What is you doin'?

Today we are going to be talking about Nintendo. More specifically some recent news about Nintendo and how they are the most stuck-up video game company ever and they continue to get in their own way on purpose.

The first story is pretty well known. The Big house is a gaming event company that primarily does Smash Bros tournaments. With everything going on this year *CORONA* big in person events have been cancelled or at least limited to much smaller audiences. The Big House was in the midst of planning an online Smash tournament, but they had to make use of a third-party mod called Slippi mod in order to better help them host the tournament remotely. Once Nintendo found out about this use of a third-party mod, they seemingly exploded internally because someone might be making money or having fun with their product without their consent and sent The Big House a cease-and-desist letter. Forcing the Big House to cancel their event entirely.

Which is just mind boggling. The mod wasn’t even for their most recent Smash Bros game. It was for the Smash Bros Melee tournament which is a nearly twenty-year-old game. With this letter not only did it effect their Melee tournament but all of their Smash tournaments in general, including a Smash Ultimate tournament which isn’t even using the mod. I just don’t understand the thought process behind this move. People are promoting their mascots, their games, even older games for FREE and yet they cancel it because of one tiny mod that they needed to use because I don’t know WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING PANDEMIC. If they hosted it live and people got sick because them being around other people would that mean that Nintendo is liable? No, but yet they still did this, for no reason other than their EXTREME hate for any third-party applications of their games and likenesses. Shit Nintendo has sued people using the PS4 Dreams creation engine because some people used Nintendo character’s likenesses.

In a related story, a few days later there was supposed to be a Splatoon 2 tournament hosted by Nintendo of America. In solidarity with the Smash community the top teams have named their teams in support of Melee and Smash ultimate and guess how Nintendo responded. They cancelled the livestream. The event is still happening, but it will no longer be live streamed. They lost out on free revenue for their games all for the sake of being petty assholes about their ridiculous rules and not admitting their mistakes. At this point it doesn’t even seem like Nintendo is run but adults and instead a bunch of whiny preteen girls that only react to spite their unwavering fanbase. I don’t understand how this could be a business-based reaction. This is clearly a petty reaction from the higher ups to quell any sort of rebellion, however small it is, in order to preserve the status quo.

In an unrelated but still recent story Nintendo has also sent out a cease-and-desist order to the maker of custom joy con shells for the Nintendo switch. The shells were dedicated to late streamer and YouTube personality Etika, who sadly seemed to end his own life in June of last year.  The proceeds for the Joy cons were going to be sent to the JED Foundation for child and teen mental health awareness. THEY STOPPED A CHARITY EVENT IN HONOR OF A DECEASED YOUTUBER. What the fuck Nintendo? They claim it’s because of the use Joy cons on the actual shell, which is trademarked by Nintendo. This isn’t an automated program or anything a human being had to decide to send out this letter to threaten a lawsuit against a fucking charity donation program. How fucking soulless and callous do you have to be to not see the benefit in this? The first two stories are pretty ridiculous but this one is unforgivable. I will be posting a link to the JED Foundation and I urge you to donate if you can, because we know Nintendo won’t.

With that, this is where I’m going to sign off. If I continue talking about Nintendo I might scream. I didn’t even talk about 3D All stars and the abomination that it is. I didn’t talk about how Super Mario Sunshine didn’t have GameCube controller support until people demanded it even though the game was originally on the fucking GameCube. Or the fact that Super Mario 64 is the updated version without the backflip jump which SEVERLY ruins speed runners ability to complete the game in record time, or even the fact that they said Mario 64 would be updated to play in Widescreen and it ISN’T. Which I could run a better emulation with that game on my fucking PHONE at 60 FPS compared to their shitty 30 FPS on the Switch. But either way thank you for reading. I hope you guys have a great day. Please make sure to like and comment, or just donate to the JED Foundation below please! Have a great day guys! Peace!!/donation/checkout

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