Indie Recommendations 9-17-20

As we continue to live in this crazy time in 2020 it seems very easy to miss some hidden gem games that have recently come out. Today I want to talk about Spiritfarer. Created by Thunder Lotus Games, who has also made some interesting artistic titles like Jotun and Sundered. (which are good games on their own)

Spiritfarer takes you on a Journey as Stella, a small red headed girl with a cool star hat as she becomes the new Spiritfarer. Where she has the responsibility of taking souls of the lost and finishing their last requests before ultimately taking them to the Everdoor where they pass on. Already this sounds like a gut-wrenching story and it totally is, but there’s more than just that. The game world is so bright and vibrant with so much going on in the map that is seems like there is always something to do. You must create food and construct houses for the spirits on you ship, so they can stay comfortably until their quests are over. All the characters you meet are neat animal forms of their souls and everything about the game is just so cute. From the designs of the characters to the cool little animations they and your character make to the fact that there is a dedicated hug button. Everything about this game makes you want to say aww.  The art style is nice hand drawn and the music is so delightful and uplifting, it’s very difficult to play this game without smiling. The gameplay loop is pretty much you taking care of the passengers on your boat while you craft new upgrades to their houses, create new meals for them and ferry them to their many fetch quests all over this spooky but cute world. The game is this delightful romp all while having the ominous background of you knowing all these neat characters will eventually leave you and it is HEARTBREAKING. Regardless of how much it sucks to see a passenger go, the game is so much fun to play and has such a heart warming tale to tell you that it is almost impossible to not fall in love with the game and its many adorable characters.

The game is currently on Xbox Gamepass so if you have that I suggest you pick it up as soon as you can and play it because I’m not sure how long it’s going to be on there. Otherwise it is on Steam and Epic for 30$ which is well worth it in my opinion not only because it is a good game but also to support the dev studio so they can continue to make awesome indie games like this one. Hopefully, it will get a physical release because this is a great title to play on a big screen. (Or portable, Fingers crossed for a Switch release) I hope you enjoyed and please let me know what you think of the game if you played it! Have a great day guys!


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