Daily Video Game News Blog 09/18/20

Hello everyone! If you know me, I’m sure you already know what I am going to say. Either way let’s get into this. So, PlayStation 5 premiered on the 16th and then shortly afterwards the preorders started, and it was a huge shitshow. Sony said a few months back that preorders would be universal and that you would have ample time to set aside time to preorder. Which is obviously not true. Microsoft even threw shade at Sony on twitter for doing this exact thing. Hopefully Microsoft’s preorder date will go off without a hitch.

The Sony show was pretty good with a lot of really cool trailers and gameplay for a variety of popular franchises. Funny enough most of the games are available either on PS4 or available on PC on the same date. Also, they didn’t seem to release the specs of the console or the prices of the games, so it was up to the journalists and news outlets to tell us that information. The games across the board on the ps5 are going to be 70$. Even for the remake of Demon Souls which is not a new game, it’s a remake. To me that is absolutely insane. Sony’s PS5 debuts with a 825gb SSD instead of a full Terabyte even when the Xbox being the same price has a 1TB NVMe SSD hard drive. It’s even worse for in European countries because with the conversion rate they are almost paying 100$ per video game.

Sure, games might cost more to make with the higher resolution and performance expected of the new games, but games of the previous generation played in 4k on PCs at higher frame rates and those were still just 60$. I don’t think the price hike is justified until we actually see the games perform the way they say they are supposed to. Gaming companies have made big promises before only to underdeliver drastically. With this price hike there also better not be a single microtransaction in their games because that would offset that fact that the games cost more to make when they are still nickel and diming you for every little item in the game. Game companies rake in millions if not billions of dollars a year with these transactions and they still come out with crappy games with horrible interfaces and full of bugs but man those microtransactions work. I swear if they don’t utilize this extra money they are receiving and instead are just using it as an excuse to line their pockets with more money I PROMISE the game companies will hear about our displeasure. I hope you feel the same and thank you for reading!

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