Daily Video Game News Blog 09/10/20

Hello everyone! Welcome back. Today has been kind of interesting, with all the reveals and updates. It’s like the video game industry was listening to me when I complained about all the nostalgia going around and remakes, because they announced that they are bringing back Scott Pilgrim Vs the World the Game. Which in my opinion was one of the best beat ‘em up games of the century. Also, they announced a remake for Prince of Persia Sands of Time, which is cool, but I really wished they just continued the story from the 2008 reboot of the franchise. That game had so much potential and the story could have gone anywhere from where it left off but that is a tale for another time. Either way, two big games of the past making a come back yet again. Cool, but still something original would be nice, or maybe a sequel or something, not this endless stream of remakes and remasters and all this other nonsense. Also, in remaster news the Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning is literally the same game just on a new console. No HD texture packs, no upscaling, no bug fixes. They didn’t even change the title screen at the beginning of the game. The game is fine and the details are decent if you’re ok with looking at spooky World of Warcraft style graphics, but they didn’t really change anything they just re-released the game on a new console and did nothing for it. Woo

In other news they also announced a new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild game with a prequel, which at first sounds amazing, but as you take a closer look you realize that it is a Hyrule Warriors game. AKA Dynasty Warriors with Zelda Characters, which is cool and definitely makes that VERY stale game mechanic slightly more appealing, but still it’s just a button mashing hack and slash game with mind numbing repetitiveness. They said that the new Breath of the Wild sequel is too far out to show anything about the game, so this is what we get in the meantime.

Last bit of news, we also got a reveal for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. (That’s a mouthful) The multiplayer reveal at least, and it looks…..meh. It just looks like the Call of Duty we already have with a neon highlighter rubbed all over it. Nothing seems too crazy or inventive that makes me really care which way or the other about this game, but Infinity Ward always were the better dev team anyway. Treyarch always seems to be playing catch up instead of trying to come up with their own new thing besides Zombies.

 That’s all the news I got today, was pretty interesting stuff at least. I am going to keep playing this new indie game Spiritfairer and I shall be writing a little blog about that in the upcoming days. I just need enough free time to beat it. Which free time seems to be a hot commodity these days. Are there any neat little indie games that you picked up that surprised you in how good they were? If so let me know. I love me some small indie games, sometimes those are some of the best made games even if they are simple.

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