Daily Video Game News Blog 09/09/20

Hello everyone! Welcome back, a little late today but better than never! More news about the Xbox and its game pass, they now added EA Play for no additional charge and that is just pumping the already worthwhile game pass to an even higher value. EA play is EA’s version of game pass except it doesn’t get all of their new games day one like Game Pass for Microsoft, but you do get a large amount of older titles available to play coming this holiday. Honestly, with game pass being as good as it is it’s really hard to ignore the value in the new generation Xbox. Even without their killer app, Halo infinite, the Series X is definitely looking like the better deal when it comes to the two new consoles. Not only do you get the new Microsoft games day one but you get to try out all the new EA games at first as well, also there’s the mobile streaming app that is also included at the same price with the game pass.

 I am sure the Sony will be releasing all their information soon with the preorder info the price of the system. (most likely 500$ because I really doubt, they are willing to take a hit on the price of their console.) We shall she how it plays out soon enough, so far though Xbox seems like the better deal but without a big name game on Microsoft’s side, Sony might still be able to convince more people to come to the PlayStation side.

In other news Assassin’s Creed Valhalla actually got pushed forward to match the release date of the Xbox series X. We’ve been seeing so many games being pushed back this year that a gaming being moved forward is a welcome pace to end the year. Hopefully more good news arrives in the gaming front soon because the year so far has been rather crap in general, let  alone all the gaming nonsense from the likes of EA and their crappy sports games, to the constant game delays to the fact that some companies think it’s time to start charging people more money for video games as many people have been losing jobs and struggling to get by in this new Covid-19 economy. Fingers crossed things stay positive except for your Covid test results!

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