Daily Video Game News Blog 09/08/20

Hello everyone! Sorry I skipped yesterday to observe Labor Day because God forbid my actual job does that. Anyway, we finally got some movement on the next generation console market. As expected, Microsoft made the first move. With announcing not only the release date, but the price and a new version of the console as well.  The new Xbox Series X will come out on November 10th at the cost of 499$. There is also a cheaper lower end version that still does 120 FPS (which is pretty dang good) and it starts at 299$ and is called the Xbox Series S. Great ideas, awful and I mean AWFUL naming scheme. It’s like the are deliberately trying to confuse their customer base. They haven’t announced when preorders will start but I am sure it will be soon. Either way that’s one of two new consoles fully revealed so now it is up to Sony to reveal the date and price for their console that is supposedly coming out in less than two months. Sony started taking applications for preorders recently (which is the dumbest thing I think any gaming company has done) but I am not sure how long that process takes or when it actually guarantees anything. So, for now we play the waiting game. Hopefully we don’t have to wait long since the release is coming up very soon, so they don’t have a lot of time to wait.

To me neither console seems really appealing. With my computer doing about the same thing that both consoles can do except for 4k gaming. (But I can live without that since the human eye can barely tell the difference between 2k and 4k anyway) Neither really have super compelling games out on release to really edge me one way or the other. Though the Xbox Series S seems appealing at the much lower price point with the fact that is more powerful than the One S but at basically the same price. If I was going to get one on release day it would be the Series S most likely, but with nothing really pushing me to get one or the other. I don’t see a point at this current time. Perhaps a random game will come out that looks amazing and really forces my hand, but so far, I haven’t seen anything other than nostalgia bait.

Which console are you leaning towards? Are there any games that push you towards one or the other? Lemme know in the comments! Thanks for reading, see you guys tomorrow!!!

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