Daily Gaming Blog Post 09/06/20

Hello everyone! (Aka maybe one person lol) Today there is some new news in the EA sports game front. Not only has Madden 21’s review score only gotten worse (from a 0.4 to a 0.2) but now two weeks after UFC 4 came out EA decided to implement full screen ads in their game. A full price 60$ game having full screen ads is absolutely crazy and it isn’t the first time, but it definitely seems like they are testing the waters to see what they can get away with. Not only did they add ads to UFC 4 but they also added them to UFC 3 as well. A game that has been out for about 2 years suddenly receives and update that gives it ads.

EA and the big-name companies in charge of the biggest franchises has proven time and time again that they will poke and prod gamers with different types of monetization until they can get away with something. It’s getting kind of tiring having to explain to corporations that doing things that benefit them doesn’t always (if ever) benefit their customers. From Bethesda and their horrendous handling of Fallout 76. To EA’s obsession with monetization in every sports game while improving nothing about the games. To Nintendo’s countless schemes to create an artificial scarcity to incite fear in their customers to buy up all of their product before “They run out”. To The fact that Activision has the GALL to say that their games cost more to make and so they are raising the prices of their next gen titles to 70$ all while paying their CEO 40 MILLION dollars in BONUSES last year. I could go on and on. Most of it happening recently, some even within the year. It’s exhausting.

There are glimpses of hope. The gamers are realizing that their voice can really affect the outcome of a game.  Some companies are starting to take notice and really do customer friendly moves that benefit the players who then in turn support those same companies for it. Suckerpunch and their free multiplayer DLC for an already awesome game. Microsoft’s announcement that all their exclusive games will be on game pass. CD Projekt Red’s announcement that if you buy their game on the previous generation, when you upgrade to the newer consoles the next gen version will be free.

Things could be getting better. We’ll have to wait and see, but as we are waiting there’s a new indie game that has come out that is really good called Spiritfairer. It is so good. It’s like animal crossing with a boat, except you grow to love everyone and then must let them go. It’s a remarkably interesting gameplay loop and it really makes you feel something unlike the mindless repetitiveness of some the games of late. It’s on Steam and Epic for 30$ and I’m sure will go on sale at some point soon. Check it out if you get the chance!

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