Daily Game Blog 9/4/20

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my daily complaint session! Yesterday was a Nintendo Direct and the big announcement was the new 3D all stars Mario game that is coming out pretty soon that has three of the biggest Mario games ever made coming back with new HD textures. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Big games and this is big news. The weird thing about it is, is that it’s a limited time exclusive game release. Meaning that they will stop selling the game March of 2021. You might think, well that’s not very soon so no big deal. Yeah it isn’t, but why are they doing that? Why not just sell it? Why do they have to cram all the purchases and create this big frenzy, so everyone buys it up instantly instead of just selling it like a regular game? Well, you know what else comes out around that time? The next gen consoles, and you know who isn’t putting out a console during that time? Nintendo, so instead they want to fluff their numbers to look good for investors during the holiday season even though they don’t have any new hardware to sell during that time.

It’s a genius marketing tactic, but for consumers it forces us to have to scramble to somehow get a copy of the game. Granted you can just buy the digital version of it and be done with it, but this being a limited item, I’m sure the value of this game is only going to get higher. Having a digital copy wouldn’t be valuable. I just think that is mad lame. These games, Mario Sunshine in particular, have had requests for remasters or ports for YEARS and now when one finally comes out, they make it a limited release? I’m sure there are some people saying “well thankfully they are doing one at all and if you like those games then you should just buy it and be happy.” Yes, then we should kiss the ground that Nintendo walks on and thank them for this beautiful gift they give us. They are literally using their fans as a stepping stool to look good in the fourth quarter during all the big game sales and that is telling about what Nintendo actually cares about.

All this talk about next gen consoles has reminded me of another story that happened recently. The new consoles have still yet to be priced or had an actual date put on them for release. The supposed release date is just two months away and yet we still haven’t heard a peep from either side of the market. As Sony and Microsoft glare at each other from the opposite sides of the table, we are just sitting in the middle waiting to devour whatever offer they give us as it gets closer and closer to release day. Sony has made the first move buy allowing people to APPLY to get preorders for the PS5. Yes, I said that right, they are having people apply to give Sony money. Not only do you have to apply to give them money, but they are going to VET you. They are going to see if you are WORTHY of giving them money. Do you like Sony enough for us to allow you the privilege of giving us your money. That is the most nonsensical, corporate, money grubbing tactic I have seen in sometime, and Fallout First didn’t happen too long ago. Maybe instead of doing that stupid move Sony, you could just, I don’t know, RELEASE THE PRICE AND DATE OF YOUR NEW CONSOLE. People already want to buy it. Stop having your pissing contest with Xbox and just give us the details! How hard is that? Thanks for reading guys, maybe I’ll have something nice to say tomorrow. Probably not.

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