Cyberpunk: What is you doin'?

I really didn’t want to make this post. I just wanted to play this bug riddled game and enjoy my playthrough. But I ran into so many bugs, Sound glitches in particular, (times where dialogue would repeat itself or where a guitar riff bugged and played throughout an entire story mission and cutscene) that I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. It’s sad because you can tell that the devs put lot of work into the story and not just the main story, but the side missions are well designed and have enough differences that they don’t make the game feel monotonous. Yet sadly the game was pushed out waaaaaay before it’s time and now we have this buggy mess of a game that could have easily won game of the year had they taken the time to fix the multitude of issues with the engine and everything else. This is something we have come to expect from big game companies now. Instead of releasing a big game when it’s fully polished and full of content, why not just release it when it’s buggy and fix it over time? People will still buy it and play it and that is very apparent with how many people bought Cyberpunk even after finding out the game is buggy as hell, despite the company’s best efforts to hide those facts.

We’ve seen this time and time again with games, Avengers, Anthem, No man’s Sky, why is this game such a big deal? Well besides the fact that the hype was so abundant you could make a 4-course meal of it but also the fact that the company had been touting the consumer-friendly persona all for it to be just a façade. No mandatory crunch as we shortly find out later there was PLENTY of crunch. They specifically gave out just PC copies of the game for review until just a day or so before release. Mostly because 40% of their preorders were for the older consoles and they didn’t want to hurt their bottom line. Which they admitted themselves. Do I think they deserve all the hate they are receiving? Not fully. Don’t get me wrong, they were 100% being greedy bastards and they deserve to be called out for it. But I also think that we as gamers have created this dilemma where we demand games as early as possible, but we also want them to be fully functioning and complete and those two do not go hand in hand. We can’t demand perfection and speed for these overworked game devs, because the companies will act on those demands and those devs will be worked to death and then when the game comes out sloppy the company receives all the money and the devs receive all the backlash. To those people that sent death threats to developers of Cyberpunk after they delayed the game. Are you happy now? You got what you wanted? You spoiled rotten people. To anyone that sent death threats to CD Projekt Red, or actually to anyone, you shouldn’t be allowed on a computer anymore. You should be completely banned from any kind of gaming or communication about gaming. You should be put in a time out like the little spoiled rotten child that you are. Seriously, you’re not helping anyone when you say those things. You’re not fighting for a greater cause, you’re just a big poopy diaper baby.

We as a whole need to demand better treatment from the big game companies but we need to do it without being toxic. Games like Hades prove that it’s still possible to make a very well-polished game even outside of a huge triple A company. I have yet to run into one line of repeated dialogue in Hades and I have over 50 hours of played time. Cyberpunk had a lot going for it. The environments look great and have a lot of story built into them. Every mission is unique and allows you to approach them in multiple different ways, but the game kind of ruins the emersion when my dick keeps jumping out of my pants or people will get knocked out and continue to have conversations with my character.

All in all, what I’m trying to say is that the hate centered around Cyberpunk is well deserved but we should center our focus on the gaming companies as a whole and show them that this kind of blatant greed will not go unnoticed and we should all be more vigilant about how our games are made and how our attitudes and actions effect the ideas of these greedy corporations, because at the end of the day they are just going to try and make a buck and it’s our decision to see if that buck they got was well deserved or not.  Hold companies accountable but don’t be toxic about it. Tell them what they did wrong, not that they need to die for doing wrong. Most of that toxicity doesn’t end up with the company, it ends up in front of the workers, the everyday people like you and me, and that toxicity doesn’t help anyone. Anyway, Cyberpunk might be good, at some point, but for now, sadly it’s just another buggy triple A mess that the company will now have to scramble to fix. Thanks for reading! Make sure to comment and like if you can! I hope you guys have a good day! Peace!

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